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Digital Motorized Test Stand

SMD 1KN Digital Motorized Test Stand is a motorized test stand controlled by a single ballscrew-driven with a load rating of up to 1000N (220lbs), both upward and downward movement can be adjusted at

Digital Motorized Test Stand    

The NEXTECH® SMD Series is a motorizedteststandcontrolled by a single ballscrew-driven with a load ratingofup to1000N (220lbs), both upward and downward movement canbeadjustedat multiple speeds. Together with our DFS and DFTforcegauges andnecessary accessories by NEXTECH®, the SMD 1KNcompletesa forcemeasurement system for accurately and efficientlytesting awiderange of products.


 • Tensile or Compressionloadcapacity1000kN, 220lbsf, 100kgf
 • Speed can be adjusted to 0.2" - 39.4"/Min(5-1000mm/Min)
 • 20.5”(520mm) crosshead travel
 • Large working area 9.6"X10.4" (243X265mm)
 • ‘Manual', 'Single' and ‘Continuous'Cyclecontrolmode
 • Adjustable upper and lower limit switches
 • 7 digit LED speed indicator

                                                           Digital Motorized Test Stand                              

The Nextech SMD Series is a ball-screw driven digital test frame with impressive abilities。 The

dimensions, speed range and capacity have been carefully optimized to cover the test procedures and specimen sizes most often needed by quality departments within R&D and production industry.

The digital controls produce accurate testing speed and intuitive operation. The large slotted workspace secures awkward samples and f ixtures.

Two test modes increase productivity and enhanced stand control is available with the force gauge. Nextech offers a wide assortment of gauges, grips,accessories and software for a system that meets your needs at the best price.


Adjustable throat opening for the best combination of

opening and ultimate capacity.


1000 N

220 lbf

100 kgf

7 5 0 N

1 6 5 l b f

75 kgf

500 N

110 lbf

50 kgf

Throat opening

2。6 inch

67 mm

3.8 inch


5.0 inch

127 mm


Speed:0。2–40in/min /5 – 1000 mm/min

Speed accuracy:+4%of indicated speed

Mount holes:Two2.25 in /57 mm vertically spaced.

Travel:19.3inch / 490 mm

Warranty:1year parts and labor

Weight:54lb/25 kg


Inches (mm)

                                                Digital Motorized Test Stand

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